Responsive Grant Making

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The Foundation considers funding requests that achieve measurable results addressing (1) programmatic, operating or capital needs, (2) planning and/or strategic development requirements, (3) nonprofit infrastructure investments, (4) collaborations among organizations or programs, and (5) advocacy and awareness initiatives.

Proposals must address one or more of the following areas of emphasis:

  • Access and Quality of Care: RMHF seeks to support access and quality of care for vulnerable populations by strengthening the healthcare safety net, advancing patient-centered models of care, investing in preventative care and exploring new options for meeting existing and emerging population and community health needs.

  • Aging Services Planning and Delivery: RMHF seeks to promote policies and practices advancing aging services. In addition to direct service delivery and in order to encourage evidence-based practices or innovation, we may invest in demographic or other age wave studies.

  • Healthcare Workforce Education and Development: RMHF seeks to expand or reform healthcare workforce education or workforce development opportunities. We consider proposals addressing needs within or across institutions as well as planning and policy analyses that address changing healthcare workforce supply and demand.