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The colors chosen for the RMHF logo support the message of a visionary foundation on a mission to create a vital, healthy community. The overall design of the logo and the contrast between colors builds a bridge from the commitment of our founders and their legacy of caring to a promise of a brighter and healthier future.


The preferred color logo is CMYK (4-color), is available here, and will be used for most printing jobs. A PMS 2-color version of the logo can be used when exact color matching is needed and when budget allows. When no color (only black) is available, use the grayscale version of logo. When the logo needs to be printed one-color or white, use the 1-color version. 2-color, grayscale and one-color versions of the RMHF logo are available upon request.

RMHF Logo (jpg) RMHF Logo (png)



  • Only use our official, unmodified logos available here for download.

  • Make sure the RMHF logo is never smaller than 1.25”.

  • Allow for at least half the height of the RMHF logo around all sides as a buffer / control zone.


  • Don’t imitate the logo in another typeface.

  • Don’t tilt, rotate, distort or angle the logo.

  • Don’t alter or change the colors of the logo.

Please contact Lisa Bender (lbender@rmhfoundation.org) if other formats of the logo are needed.