We are Richmond Memorial Health Foundation

We approach our work with a:

Deep Commitment

We work passionately toward long-term equitable change, emboldened by the resilience, creativity, and capacity of our communities.

Sense of Urgency

Our work is too important to move slowly.

Collaborative Mindset

We work as investors, conveners, learners, and network builders with our communities.

Focus on Stewardship

We prioritize analysis, action, impact and accountability to maximize return on our investments.


Richmond Memorial Health Foundation
traces its roots to the founding of the
Richmond Memorial Hospital.

The hospital was opened in 1957 as a memorial to the Richmond men and women who died in World War II. A public, community-owned and “open staff” hospital, Richmond Memorial Hospital permitted appropriately certified physicians to admit patients from across the region. The Hospital opened its doors to people of all races and backgrounds, regardless of their ability to pay. It also played a key role as a provider of health care services during the population spike known as the “baby boom.”

In 1977, the hospital board of directors created the Richmond Memorial Hospital Foundation to hold reserve funds as a means to ensure financial stability during a period of high inflation. When the hospital outgrew its original location in Richmond’s Northside, patients and caregivers relocated in 1998 to what is now Bon Secours Richmond Memorial Regional Medical Center in Hanover County. The assets of the hospital were merged into the Foundation, which disposed of the former hospital properties and redefined its mission as a grantmaker. The organization was renamed the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation to emphasize its focus on community health.

Our Values

At Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, we work to address the social, economic and structural conditions that contribute to poor health outcomes.

What We Value
Equity: We commit to act in ways that promote fairness in opportunity for all people.
Inclusion: We recognize, value and seek to better understand and integrate the contributions and experiences of all members of our community.
Learning: We are curious, eager to listen to and learn with our partners, and focused on how data can lead to responsible action.
Respect: We honor the diverse voices, perspectives and experiences of the people in our communities.
Stewardship: We responsibly manage our investment resources in alignment with our values and mission.
Transparency: We are accessible and honest in our communication.
Impact: We invest in people, organizations, ideas and solutions leading to positive, sustainable change in our communities