Access to Health Care 2019 Grantees

July 17, 2019

Since 1998, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation (RMHF) has invested in building a healthier Richmond region. Our mission is explicit regarding our commitment to fostering an equitable and healthy Richmond region. We work to address the social, economic and structural conditions that contribute to poor health outcomes, with a commitment to health equity and a recognition of the role that race and ethnicity play in contributing to and sustaining health disparities and inequities. We invest primarily in Richmond City and the counties of Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico and Powhatan, and will consider regional and statewide investments that align with and advance our mission.

RMHF Trustees recently approved the following fourteen access to health care grant applications, totaling $375,340.

Organization Name: Advocates in Parenting
Program Title:
En dos Mundos (In two Worlds): a psychoeducational parenting program on acculturation and acculturative stress
Proposal Summary:
$8,690 over eleven months to support psychoeducational parenting groups for Latinx parents to help identify and understand the impact of stress factors that affect both them and their children as they assimilate into a new culture.

Organization Name: Better Housing Coalition (BHC)
Program Title: Support the Affordable Coordinated Care for Seniors and the Disabled Program in North Richmond
Proposal Summary: $25,000 over seven months to support a continuation of coordinated care services to seniors and disabled adults living in BHC’s North Richmond housing to age in place.

Organization Name: Blue Sky Fund
Program Title: Explorers Program – Active Outdoor Learning For Urban Elementary School Students
Proposal Summary: $25,000 over one year to support outdoor experiential learning opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Richmond Public Schools through the Explorers program to help students to become more resilient and motivated in school to improve academic performance.

Organization Name: Challenge Discovery Projects
Program Title: Medical Management System for Outpatient Adolescent Emotional Health and Substance Abuse Clinic
Proposal Summary: $15,000 over one year to support the acquisition, IT support and staff training of a medical management system to enhance billing and collection of data for Challenge Discovery Projects’ outpatient adolescent emotional health and substance abuse clinic.

Organization Name: Faces of HOPE
Project Title: Fighting Pediatric Obesity with HOPE
Proposal Summary: $25,000 over one year to support pediatric obesity programming for Latinx children and parents (or guardians) that come from mostly below the poverty level and suffer from health problems with the goal of breaking the cycle of obesity.

Organization Name: Family Lifeline
Project Title: General Operating Support
Proposal Summary: $40,000 over one year to support behavioral health initiatives.

Organization Name: Greater Richmond SCAN (Richmond Stop Child Abuse Now)
Project Title: Trauma-Informed Behavioral Health Organizer
Proposal Summary: $35,000 over eleven months to help support a Behavioral Health Organizer to increase SCAN’s community engagement work to promote healing through empowerment and build resilience.

Organization Name: Jewish Family Services (JFS)
Program Title: Providing Behavioral Health Services to Children/Youth and Families with Medicaid to Assure Better Outcomes for the Future
Proposal Summary: $10,000 over three months to support exploring strategies to provide behavioral health services to low-income children and families in the East End.

Organization Name: Lucy Corr Foundation
Program Title: General Operating Support
Proposal Summary: $40,000 over one year to support low-income seniors’ dental care from the Richmond region at Lucy Corr’s dental clinic.

Organization Name: Reach Out for Life
Program Title: The Community Partners Project
Proposal Summary: $21,650 over one year to support Community Health Workers providing information to primarily low-income and underinsured Latina women about early detection of breast cancer and access to imaging procedures in the Richmond community.

Organization Name: Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation
Program Title: Massive Resilience: Building Equity in Schools Through Yoga and Mindfulness
Proposal Summary: $35,000 over one year to support a pilot program for school educators to receive yoga and mindfulness training and to apply these practices to help promote students’ social emotional health and to improve their academic performance.

Organization Name: Virginia Dental Association Foundation (VDAF)
Program Title: Donated Dental Services (DDS)
Proposal Summary: $25,000 over one year to support VDAF’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program to provide dental care to low-income seniors and adults with disabilities in the Richmond region.

Organization Name: Virginia Oral Health Coalition
Program Title: General Operating Support
Proposal Summary: $35,000 over one year to support an initiative to advocate for a comprehensive dental benefit for all adults enrolled in Virginia’s Medicaid program.

Organization Name: Voices for Virginia’s Children (Voices)
Program Title: General Operating Support
Proposal Summary: $35,000 over one year to support educating Virginia lawmakers about disparities in mental health outcomes for children of color who have experienced trauma and understanding the implications of policy decisions.