RMHF recognizes that oral health affects individuals’ overall health and is linked to a number of chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer, as well as emotional well-being. The 2016 Virginia Oral Health Report Card showed that a considerable number of adults in Virginia have no dental coverage, and there are significant oral health disparities among African Americans and Hispanic adults. Even with Virginia’s Medicaid expansion, the need to improve access to oral health care to reduce health disparities still exists, especially since there is no comprehensive Medicaid adult dental benefit. 

 In this grant cycle, RMHF invites proposals that are mission-aligned with RMHF and work towards reducing oral health disparities for socioeconomically disadvantaged, marginalized and/or vulnerable populations including people of color, new immigrants, older adults and people with disabilities. 

In response to the recommendations of both cohorts of our Equity + Health Fellows, we will significantly increase RMHF’s investments to support policy and advocacy work. Within the Access to Health Care portfolio, we will commit at least 25 percent of our dollars targeting Oral Health to support policy and advocacy efforts.

Application and Selection Process Timeline:

Application and Selection Process Timeline RFP Release  November 6, 2019 
Application Deadline  December 12, 2019 
Site Visits Conducted for Finalists  Early 2020 
Awards Announced  Beginning of March, 2020 
Equity Training Session  TBD