The Health Equity Action Leadership (HEAL) Initiative is a reimagination of grassroots action through a neighbor-hood-based leadership development program in communities of color in the Richmond region.  The HEAL Initiative will co-design a third Equity + Health Fellowship rooted in RMHF’s commitment to (1) advance health equity through a racial and ethnic lens, and (2) align community engagement and policy and advocacy efforts centered in resident voice with the aim of helping to ensure public dollars and public policies make equity a top priority.

In response to the recommendations of both cohorts of RMHF’s Equity + Health Fellows, the RMHF Trustees recently approved the following HEAL grant applications totaling $320,000 over two years. The COVID-19 crisis and the accompanying social and economic changes that have emerged (and will continue to emerge) stand to significantly influence the direction of RMHF’s Health Equity and Community Building Strategy. Three of the organizations funded are led by persons of color.

Organization Name: Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis
Amount: $80,000

Organization Name: Peter Paul Development Center 
Amount: $80,000

Organization Name: Sacred Heart Center
Amount: $80,000

Organization Name: Virginia Community Voice 
Amount: $80,000