Access to Health Care

Factors like poverty and discrimination create social and economic barriers to equitable access to quality health care. Lack of access to health care can lead to disease progression, higher treatment costs and even premature death. Despite the expansion of Medicaid in Virginia, barriers to access remain for oral and behavioral health care. In order to achieve health equity, we must remove barriers to care and reduce health disparities.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Demand for behavioral health care services is significant. And, given the impacts of the pandemic, we anticipate behavioral health needs will continue to increase. When these needs go unmet, overall health is impacted. We seek to fund quality, accessible behavioral health services for socioeconomically disadvantaged, marginalized and/or vulnerable populations including (but not limited to) people of color, children, LGBTQ individuals, older adults and immigrants.

In response to the recommendations of both cohorts of RMHF’s Equity + Health Fellows, RMHF has committed 25 percent of its Behavioral Health Care funding to support policy and advocacy efforts.

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Oral Health

Oral Health

We recognize that oral health affects individuals’ overall health and is linked to a number of chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer, as well as emotional well-being. The 2016 Virginia Oral Health Report Card showed that a considerable number of adults in Virginia have no dental coverage, and there are significant oral health disparities among African Americans and Hispanic adults. Even with Virginia’s Medicaid expansion, the need to improve access to oral health care to reduce oral health disparities still exists.

As a result of advocacy efforts (supported in part by RMHF), beginning in January 2021, Medicaid enrollees will be eligible for oral health coverage!

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Capacity Building

Capacity Building, sometimes referred to as organizational development, is the process through which an organization develops the internal capacity to be the most effective it can be and sustain itself over the long term. In 2019, RMHF, in response to the recommendations of both classes of Equity + Health Fellows, began funding capacity building efforts supporting grassroots organizations in the region. Since then, we have engaged Gladys Washington, retired Deputy Director, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, to guide us as we look to invest more deeply in organizational development. We believe that strengthening Black- and Brown-led grassroots organizations is critical if we are to advance our mission of fostering an equitable and healthy Richmond region.

We have invited leaders from seven organizations to join us on a learning journey. We are deeply grateful for the members of this cohort who will come together over a period of nine months to explore how we and our partners can strategically invest in capacity building for Black- and Brown-led grassroots organizations.

Applying for Funding

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