FY 2021 Racial Equity Mini-Grants

July 28, 2021

Over the past several years, as recommended by RMHF’s 2017 Equity + Health Fellows, we have made a commitment to advance health equity in the Richmond region through a racial and ethnic equity lens. Our Racial Equity mini-grants demonstrate continued commitment to this important aim. The grants range between $1,000 and $5,000, and support nonprofit organizations who are adopting more equitable policies and practices or continuing along their racial equity learning journeys. Examples of initiatives grantee partners are choosing to pursue include racial equity training at the board and/or staff levels, education or events to foster dialogue and understanding, or organizational policy reviews.

Dr. Vanessa Walker Harris, co-chair of the Program & Evaluation Committee of the RMHF Board and Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Resources for Governor Ralph Northam, is optimistic about the ways RMHF’s Racial Equity mini-grants align with the ONE Virginia Plan for Higher Learning, recently published by the Governor’s office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: “There is a current groundswell here in Virginia when it comes to equity and promoting a diverse and inclusive culture for our citizens. Institutions large and small are recognizing that all of our organizations must reflect a broader diversity in order to be successful. I am proud of RMHF’s commitment to promoting and supporting this work, and it is energizing to see alignment between public and private organizations.”

The Program & Evaluation Committee’s other co-chair, Dr. Bill Nelson, points out the exponential impact that advancing racial equity can have on the health of our community: “If we really want to move the needle when it comes to long term health and wellbeing, we have to move upstream and focus on the social determinants of health. The way RMHF can be most helpful is as a catalyst to bring people together, to activate and engage the community in solutions to the negative social determinants of health. Advancing racial equity is a huge part of affecting those determinants to make the whole community healthier.”

The RMHF Trustees approved 17 organizations as recipients of Racial Equity Mini-grants for fiscal year 2021, with funding totaling $78,200. We are excited and deeply hopeful by both the intentionality of our partners in approaching this work and by the growing interest to advance racial equity in our region. Meet our 17 grantee partners advancing racial equity during a crucial time of recovery and healing in our community.


Organization Amount  Project Title 
Commonwealth Catholic Charities  $    5,000 Equitable Client Engagement
Housing Families First  $    4,000 Legacy: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Rx Partnership  $    5,000 Rx Partnership – Moving Forward with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Virginia Community Voice  $    5,000 Racial Equity Training for White Folx involved with RVA Thrives
Children’s Home Society of Virginia  $    5,000 CHSVA Racial Equity Project
Maggie Walker Community Land Trust  $    3,700 Racial Equity Mini Grant Request for the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust (MWCLT)
EnCircle (Lutheran Family Services)  $    5,000 enCircle DEI proposal for the RMHF mini-DEI grant
Honoring Choices Virginia  $    5,000 Conducting a Racial Equity Audit
Nurture (OmMama Resource Center Inc.)  $    1,000 Provide Black-Led Professional Lactation Support Training
CrossOver Healthcare Ministry  $    5,000 DEI Trainings
Virginia Health Catalyst  $    5,000 Crucial Community Conversations—Advancing Racial Equity in Virginia’s Health Care Safety-Net Workforce
Southside Community Development & Housing Corp.  $    5,000 SCDHC Racial Equity Training and Strategy Session
ChildSavers  $    5,000 Advancing Racial Equity
United Methodist Family Services of Virginia  $    5,000 Ensuring Pay Equity for All Employees
Central Virginia Legal Aid Society  $    5,000 Operation JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)
Studio Two Three (Performing Statistics)  $    4,500 Restorative Justice is Racial Justice
Elegba Folklore Society  $    5,000 In the Beginning… Virginia, Along the Trail of Enslaved Africans: Monthly Public Cultural History Tours