FY 2020 Open Call For Proposals: HEArts

January 14, 2020

HEArts 2020 will build on the success of the previous HEArts cohorts by continuing to fund nonprofit organizations in partnership with equitably compensated artists engaging underserved communities in participatory sessions to identify barriers to health and/or housing equity and foster creative ways to remove the barriers faced. Based on past investments, we are anticipating grants of $30,000 per year for a total of $60,000 over a two-year period. RMHF decided on a two-year funding opportunity based on feedback from the evaluation of the HEArts program and the realization that it takes more than one year to effect lasting change and build relationships of trust.

Over the two-year period, RMHF anticipates the following HEArts 2020 goals will be realized:

  • The unique role that art plays in authentically honoring the voice and integrity of the people, places, stories and ideas that emerge from participatory sessions with underserved communities will be highlighted.
  • Communities will have agency to name barriers impacting health/housing equity, to co-create potential solutions, and to advocate for changes to the inequitable polices or practices they face, either in communities or in organizations.
  • Leadership development opportunities will be provided for artists funded through the HEArts program that include grant writing workshops, determining your fee, understanding tax implications, marketing, etc.
  • The table will be set to create healthy communities through cross-sector collaboration that includes arts and culture.


  • RMHF strongly encourages all grantees to attend racial equity trainings when they are offered by the Foundation.
  • Artists will participate in a leadership development program with one of RMHF’s partners as noted above.
  • RMHF encourages the nonprofit organization’s project lead and artist(s) to attend co-learning sessions organized by RMHF. See proposed timeline on page six.
  • An interim status report, as well as a final report within 30 days of the project’s completion, will be submitted to RMHF.

Application and Selection Process Timeline:

PDF Release January 14, 2020
Application Deadline April 1, 2020
Awards Announced May 2020
Racial Equity Training Fall 2020


An informational webinar was held on January 30, 2020. View the recording here.