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RMHF Honors Board Alumni as Trustee Emeriti

June 30, 2021

At the May 2021 Board meeting, RMHF Trustees named three former Board Chairs as Trustee Emeriti. We extend our collective and deep gratitude to Judy Collins, Sheryl Garland and Richard Grier, for their willingness to accept the appointment. All three of our newly-named Trustee Emeriti are distinguished leaders, and have community and institutional knowledge that is deeply relevant to the work of advancing health and racial equity.

Judy Collins, RN, WHNP, was RMHF’s Board Chair from 2008 to 2010. She has a longstanding career as a health professional and women’s health advocate. Judy was the Founding Director of VCU Women’s Health at Stony Point Park, the Founder and Director of the VCU Health Policy Office and a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow. She has held leadership positions in many organizations in our community, including Trustee of the Virginia Health Care Foundation, NP and Board Chair at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry, Trustee of Children’s Hospital, Trustee of the MCV Foundation.

Sheryl Garland served as Chair of RMHF’s Board from 2011 to 2012, and has deep experience in regard to the social determinants of health. She is the Chief Health Impact Officer at VCU Health Systems and the Director of the VCU Office of Health Innovation, as well as a Board member at MCV Foundation. In addition to her various roles throughout her 32-year career at VCU Health System, Sheryl has held numerous positions within VCU, including Director of Community Outreach for the VCU Institute for Women’s Health, and Administrative Director of the VCU Center on Health Disparities. Sheryl currently serves on the boards of Crossover Health Ministry and the University Health Services-Professional Education Programs.

Richard Grier served as Chair of RMHF’s Board from 2002 to 2004. As RMHF’s longest-serving Trustee, he has witnessed the evolution of the organization and contributed much to our mission, including guiding the Legacy of Caring video project. Richard is a retired attorney at Thompson McMullan. He also serves on several community boards, and is a former board member and past chair of the Virginia Health Care Foundation and a founding Board Member and past Chair of Virginia Navigator.

Sheryl, Judy and Richard’s commitment to serving our community inspires us all, and we are grateful for their willingness to be honored in this way. Please join us in congratulating them.