RWJF Continues Critical Investment to Advance Health and Racial Equity in the Greater Richmond Region

March 21, 2024

Richmond Memorial Health Foundation (RMHF) is the recipient of a second $1 million grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), as a part of our ongoing efforts to advance health and racial equity in the greater Richmond region.

In 2022, we shared that we had received an initial $1 million grant as fiscal sponsor from RWJF. This support allowed us to provide crucial funding to mission-aligned organizations, including The Commonwealth Institute and Collective Work organizations, Virginia Health Catalyst and Voices for Virginia’s Children.

“We continue to bolster our civic engagement, policy and advocacy efforts through strategic partnerships, and this latest grant provided by RWJF will allow us to build upon this important work,” said RMHF President & CEO Reggie Gordon. “We are honored to have RWJF as a partner, and we look forward to the opportunities this grant funding will provide to support additional organizations and expand health and racial equity in communities across the area.”

RWJF funding a second $1 million grant enables RMHF to sustain partner efforts on the policy and advocacy level, and engage with new partner organizations like the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy. With this additional funding, RMHF will be able to strengthen connections with local, regional, and statewide networks dedicated to advancing health and racial equity through policy, advocacy, and civic engagement.

All the organizations receiving funding, both ongoing and new partners, bring with them their own valuable experiences and perspectives when engaging with advocates, organizations, providers and others involved in policy, advocacy and civic engagement efforts. RMHF selected these organizations based on their history of working to advance health and racial equity and their proven dedication to increasing civic engagement amongst communities who are most impacted by public policy decisions.

Critically, this continued grant funding will also include ongoing efforts to gain a more thorough understanding of what’s being discussed at the grassroots level following the recent General Assembly session and how these discussions can help inform the collective advocacy efforts going forward. 

We appreciate the trust our partners at RWJF have placed in us as a community leader, and we look forward to additional opportunities to weave our work together strategically for the benefit of communities impacted by structural inequality.