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Selection Criteria for RMHF Board Members

February 15, 2022
As we work to live into our new strategic framework and an even deeper commitment to health and racial equity, we are seeking nominations for new Trustees to join the RMHF Board starting in January of 2023. All nominations submitted through this open call process will be considered by RMHF’s Governance & Trusteeship Committee. We anticipate adding up to four new Trustees.

Current Trustees have unanimously approved a carefully crafted set of criteria that will inform and guide the selection process. Before submitting nominations, please view the list of criteria below.

In accordance with RMHF’s mission, all candidates must:

  • Be passionately committed to advancing health and racial equity and to working to
    reduce health disparities in the Richmond region.
  • Have significant personal or professional connection to the region served by RMHF.
  • Be willing to devote the requisite time to RMHF, including participation in and
    preparation for Board and Committee meetings and in the organization’s time-sensitive
    task forces. (Additional information about time requirements are described below.)
  • Have a deep understanding of the obligations and responsibilities of Trusteeship and
    recognize the importance of maintaining the public trust. Prior experience serving on the
    governing boards of nonprofit organizations; neighborhood, civic, citizen or community
    associations; and/or service societies will be considered during the selection process.
  • Understand the primacy of creating, nurturing, and sustaining relationships of trust and

RMHF’s Board of Trustees is looking for leaders who:

  • Take action to promote health and racial equity through civic engagement, direct
    outreach and work in their communities, as well as through policy and advocacy efforts;
    leadership in neighborhood and community organizations, and/or in the public, private
    and nonprofit sectors.
  • Reflect RMHF’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all ways and are who
    are engaged with and accountable to the diverse communities RMHF serves.
  • Have perspectives and experiences that align with and complement RMHF’s strategic
  • Are willing to share their wisdom, experiences, and networks to help realize the
    Foundation’s commitment to accelerate health and racial equity by investing in (1) policy
    and advocacy partners, (2) civic engagement strategies to amplify community voices, and
    (3) leadership development and capacity-building strategies of Black and Brown-led
    grassroots, neighborhood and community organizations.
  • Have the ability to think, reflect, communicate, challenge conventional wisdom, make
    judgments in complicated situations, and show flexibility.
  • Are willing to apply their lived experience and expertise to help RMHF (1) work
    respectfully and in mutuality with the people and communities most proximate to the
    structural, cultural and socioeconomic forces that perpetuate structural racism and health
    disparities, and (2) facilitate and support key partnerships with potential partners from the
    public, private and philanthropic sectors to achieve RMHF’s mission.
  • Are curious and willing to learn more with and from our partners in the community.
  • Demonstrate integrity, good judgment, and commitment to RMHF values.
  • Have the courage to ask difficult questions.
  • Love the Richmond region and its people.

RMHF Trustees are expected to:

  • Participate in three or four one-hour orientation sessions during the first quarter of 2023.
  • Attend four Board meetings annually, typically between two to three hours in length.
  • Serve on at least one of the following Board Committees: Investment Committee,
    Program & Evaluation Committee, Governance & Trusteeship Committee, or Finance &
    Audit Committee.
  • Attend the meetings for their Committee, typically three to four times a year. Committee
    meetings usually last between 90 and 120 minutes and are held either by Zoom or in
    person at RMHF’s offices.
  • Be open to participating in and/or helping to design (if appropriate) learning opportunities
    for the Board and staff team at RMHF, and potentially other partners.
  • Participate in one or two public events annually to represent RMHF.
  • Abide by RMHF’s Conflicts of Interest Policy and Code of Ethics.
  • Remain knowledgeable about the RMHF’s diverse activities, commitments, and

Core Duties and Responsibilities of RMHF Board Members* include:

  • Determining and advancing RMHF’s vision and mission.
  •  Being advocates and champions for the Foundation’s mission and values.
  • Serving as stewards for the Foundation’s values ensuring that RMHF embodies and lives
    into its stated aims.
  • Charting with the President & CEO RMHF’s short- and long-term strategies.
  • Establishing organizational and investment policies and practices to ensure that RMHF
    fulfills the highest standards of public trust and transparency.
  • Ensuring effective financial stewardship and management of RMHF’s resources,
    including approval of and periodic review of the annual budget.
  • Making final funding decisions on grant proposals.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of RMHF’s programs and program-related activities.
  • Supporting, evaluating, and hiring/firing the President & CEO.

*The RMHF Board uses a committee structure to accomplish many of the core duties and responsibilities described.

Note: Board members are not compensated for their service to RMHF. However, Board members may request reimbursement for appropriate expenses incurred in the administration and performance of RMHF’s activities.

Note: Current or past RMHF grantee partners, Equity + Health Fellows, HEArtists, external reviewers, participants in community research and/or learning projects, and/or funding partners are eligible for nomination. However, past connection to the Foundation is not a requirement for nomination