Responsive Grant Opportunity 2019 Grantees

July 17, 2019

Responsive Grant Opportunity (RGO) funding allows Richmond Memorial Health Foundation (RMHF) to offer timely support for opportunities on a rolling basis to advance the Foundation’s mission of fostering an equitable and healthy Richmond region outside and beyond our strategic grant opportunities.

These funds permit eligible organizations and community groups to apply for funding to respond in a time-sensitive manner to a local or regional mission-aligned issue. RGO funds can also be used to leverage or match funding from other sources, such as funding from other foundations or government funding.  Responsive Grant Opportunity applications were all for $10,000 or less.

RMHF Trustees recently approved the following responsive grant applications, totaling $36,500.

Organization Name: Help Me Help You Foundation
Program Title: 8 Week Re-entry and Family Reunification Study
Proposal Summary: $5,000 over two and a half months to support a study of individuals and families affected by incarceration through community participation in conducting needs assessments, individualized plans of action, collection of data and follow-up assessment.

Organization Name: Groundwork RVA
Program Title: Groundwork RVA – Building Sustainability thru Creating a Social Enterprise
Proposal Summary: $10,000 over nine months to support strategic planning for the board to better understand the social enterprise model for sustaining its work to improve the built environment for residents and promoting social justice.

Organization Name: Richmond City Health District
Program Title: General Operating Support
Proposal Summary: $9,000 over three months to support fiscal sponsorship to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of the Community Health Workers model across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Organization Name: Virginia Housing Alliance
Program Title: Housing Virginia’s Most Vulnerable Conference
Proposal Summary: $5,000 over three months to support VHA hosting “Housing Virginia’s Most Vulnerable Conference”, with the theme of “Housing is Health.” The conference provides housing and homeless providers the opportunity to do networking and professional development.

Organization Name: Virginia Department of Health: Office of Equity
Program Title: Virginia’s LGBTQ+ Health Equity Symposium
Proposal Summary: $7,500 over one month to support a state-level LGBTQ+ health equity symposium that will focus on Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ community members that highlights their resilience, identifies obstacles to health equity and creates awareness about the issues.