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Capacity Building

Strengthening Nonprofits

Strengthening Nonprofits

As a foundation focused on health and racial equity, we believe capacity building is critical to strengthening nonprofits, particularly Black and Brown-led and community-based, grassroots organizations. Capacity-building grants empower organizations to develop their internal capacity to become more sustainable and effective over the long term.


Gladys Washington, RMHF Senior Fellow, discusses aspects of capacity building, including what it is and why it’s worth pursuing.

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“These grants are based on the recommendations of our Equity + Health Fellows and position historically underfunded grassroots organizations to thrive and continue their good work.”

– Kendra Jones, Special Projects Officer and Accountant

Capacity-building needs look different across organizations as they are identified by the people that are closest to the challenges of the organization and communities they support. Building-capacity can range from developing stronger governance to improving management systems.

We encourage mission-aligned organizations to apply for these $1,500-$15,000 grants, which are available on a rolling basis. Applicants will need to complete basic profile fields and answer a few simple questions. We will review requests as they come in and respond within 15 business days (response times may be delayed during major holidays).

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Questions about the grant program?

Contact Kendra Jones, Special Projects Officer and Accountant.

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Contact Lisa Bender, Learning Officer and Grants Manager.

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