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Opportunity Investments

Time-sensitive support

Time-sensitive support

The past few years have brought an overwhelming amount of unforeseen change, and we recognize that organizations often need to respond quickly to urgent and unexpected challenges and opportunities.

“As we developed our Strategic Framework, we considered the unforeseen changes that organizations have weathered over the past few years, and we wanted to put funding in place that helps support them to respond quickly to urgent and unexpected opportunities or challenges.”

– Kendra Jones, Special Projects Officer and Accountant

We encourage mission-aligned organizations to apply for these $1,000-$7,500 grants, which are available on a rolling basis for projects, events, or initiatives that will be completed within a 3-month time frame. Applicants will need to complete basic profile fields and answer a few simple questions. We will review requests as they come in and respond within 15 business days (response times may be delayed during major holidays).

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Questions about the grant program?

Contact Kendra Jones, Special Projects Officer and Accountant.

Questions about the online application process?

Contact Lisa Bender, Learning Officer and Grants Manager.

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