MVA Steering Committee Members

November 22, 2021

Three years ago, Reinvestment Fund, a federally certified community development financial institution (CDFI), completed  a market value analysis(MVA) for the Richmond region. The analysis used 2017 census data and community voices to present our region with rich information about the housing market here in Richmond. We are excited to report that we have engaged Reinvestment Fund again to do a second MVA that will help us assess change that has occurred in our housing markets over the past few years. This new analysis is being jointly funded by RMHF and Plan RVA, a regional planning entity that focuses on solving problems in transportation and housing. The MVA is a significant undertaking that will help us measure the impact of both previous investments and the pandemic on our housing markets, which is critically important information given the close ties between  housing  stability, affordability and quality of health and racial equity. The insights from the analysis will help inform RMHF’s planning, future grantmaking and policy and advocacy work and will serve as a resource for many of our partners. We plan to communicate regularly about the analysis as we kick off the project and begin to receive new insights. 


MVA Steering Committee Members: